Conflict Resolution Seminars and Workshops

Understanding Conflict

When ignored, conflict sabotages productivity and revenue. Even more alarming, if you handle it poorly, you make matters worse. Dealing with difficult people is not something you can overlook. If you want to succeed in all aspects of life, you will need to learn how to resolve conflict promptly, succinctly, and to your advantage.



Your success is directly tied into your ability to handle conflict. Do you know how to be productive while doing business with a chronic complainer? How do you address coworkers or clients who openly display a severe lack of professionalism? What about people who gossip? How about the back-stabber? How do you interact with someone who has an insidious desire for more power or recognition?

Have you ever had to do business with someone who works feverishly to get ahead and, if necessary, sacrifices integrity in the process? How do you handle people who will do almost anything to increase their bank account? Here's the biggest question of all. Can you be successful AND maintain your core values and inner sanity? As you have probably figured out, conflict is quite costly. But you can do something about it. You can address it productively.

Conflict Management Training

Our training workshops give you the tools to help you address conflict masterfully. Whether you face a difference of opinion or opposing viewpoints, you will learn how to produce a positive result.

Stop letting incompatible objectives or negative people keep you from achieving your goals. Our conflict resolution training workshop delivers priceless information, combining interpersonal communication, team building, and goal setting. In fact, we do more than help you cope. We provide you with solid, time-tested strategies for dealing with conflict and the people who stand between you and your right to success.

Break-Out Exercise
Breakout Group

From Managing Stress to Handling Conflict

Tell us what you need and we will tailor a conflict management workshop just right for you. Do you need a specific type of focus, perhaps sales training, customer service, or time management? We can modify our conflict resolution workshop and keep it both productively informative and highly motivational.

We promote learning by facilitating an interactive environment. We incorporate role playing and use break-out groups to get important points across. In our training seminars, you do more than learn. You participate!

If the time is right for you to improve your productivity, give us a call at 1-888-331-5153 or drop us an e-mail. You will never regret your investment of time or money for our conflict resolution strategies. In fact, you will most likely wish you would have started sooner.

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