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Are your employees motivated to deliver excellent customer service? Are you delivering great service to your employees? Most companies expect their teams to deliver inspiring experiences and yet these same team members rarely experience great care from their leaders. The discord that exists between a company's expectations (for employees to deliver excellence in customer service) and the quality of care these same employees receive from their higher ups makes the "hope" for delivering great service just a dream. And the times when great service is recognized becomes more rare the longer employees remain on the job. Why? The culture is based mostly on expectations. Nothing is more demoralizing than holding higher expectations while, as leaders, delivering poor service to the teams.

Customer Service

Meaningfulness is Everything!

Although employees will not work for free, do not assume that making money becomes the main factor that motivates them day in and day out. If what they do is not meaningful for them, they will NOT be motivated to deliver the extraordinary customer service experience. You, unfortunately, cannot dictate what is meaningful to them. You also cannot dictate what inspires them. These factors MUST be uncovered. For this reason alone, top-down expectations fail miserably in creating a fantastic customer service culture. When leaders are inspiring, teams follow suit. At the same time, when employees carry an attitude of entitlement with little regard for the quality of their work, the quality of the relationships they are building with their customers, service suffers significantly.

What We Do

We connect with what matters and demonstrate how to be human in all kinds of situations. Instead of simply making demands and requiring the expression of great customer service skills, we create cultures where great service is organic, from the top down, and enjoyed immensely by your costumers. Yes, happy employees equal happy customers. Instead of focusing on skill, therefore, we focus on caring, on keeping it real, so that skill naturally emerges.

Investing in Your People

If you do something for your people just to get a better result or bottomline, your people will not feel valued or appreciated. They will feel used and manipulated. Sincerity cannot be synthetic! Customers detect insincere employees easily. They do not feel a conection with someone who is simply going through the motions. In order to deliver the extraordinary WOW experience, it must be sincere, meaning employees must organically want to deliver great customer service, not because you said so but because they naturally want to do so.

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