Created in 1994, Catalyst is a unique hands-on approach for enhancing quality of life. Completely unique, Catalyst supports neuroplasticity through "neurological nutrition." The entire system of Catalyst is based on the approach of "Assess, Address, and Educate," whereby the facilitator contacts specific areas of the body with a specific quality of touch. The practice of Catalyst is responsible for the development of many psycho-technologies that followed, namely Forward Healing, Thriveapeutics, Guardianology, Successions, and Greaterness Coaching..

LeftAlignCatalyst's uniqueness brings a breath of fresh air to the field of facilitating optimal functioning. By working to enhance both the body's sensory system and motor system in a single session, Catalyst naturally supports integration. As a result, people enjoy a greater level of awareness (sensory system) and increased flexibility and mallebility (motor system) of body and mind.

Body Work Whose Time Has Come

More people are looking for something non-therapeutic that gets positive results. Catalyst delivers. It gets results that are both perfect for the participant and auspiciously unknown beforehand. Facilitators focus on enhancing peace, breath, movement, and fluidity and by doing so, encourages the body to do what it needs to do to express a greater or higher level of functionality.