Forward Healing

Wayne Gretzky, the famous hockey player, said it best, "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been." Forward Healing, brought forth by Dr. Michael, echoes something similiar. Go to where your life is going, not to where it has been. Meet it, greet it, and welcome it head on and you will find a level of "healing" you cannot obtain anywhere else.

RightAlignHeraclitus, who Plato and Aristotle studied, said, "You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on." He held that everything is constantly changing and that everything is and is not at the same time. Yes, life moves on. All too often in regards to "healing," many people strive to get back to a day gone by, a time when they were not hurting, either physically, mentally, or emotionally. But that time and that version of you will never be again. Like it or not, you are in a continuous dynamic state of emergence. Newer versions of you are constantly striving to present themselves.

Dr. Michael created Forward Healing through Catalyst, his hands-on approach for addressing the body. Forward Healing then gave rise to Thriveapeutics, Successions, and Greaterness Coaching. The emphasis is on "moving toward" for addressing all situations. The purpose of naming it Forward Healing was to differentiate it from conventional models of healing, whereby people strive tenaciously to return to a previous point in time in their lives, a time before they were hurting, sick, abused, diagnosed, etc. The main objective of creating the concept of Forward Healing is to encourage people to step well into their ever-emerging, on-coming, newer life.

Transcending the Challenges

Rising above the difficulties of life requires that you go beyond yourself, into a world where you discover your sovereign mysteries, the unique you who emerges spontaneously, with no clear understanding of who you will be and when you will be it. With Forward Healing, your stories matter. The more purpose you attribute to your past, the more you heal and move forward better than you have in the past. Fortunately, Forward Healing works WITH where you are today to bring you to where you could be tomorrow. It's a process like no other.

Forward Healing: A New TV Series with Drea Kelly & Dr. Michael

Beginning in 2020, a new television program, "Forward Healing," will be announced. Hosted by Drea Kelly and Dr. Michael, the pilot was already filmed to rave reviews. The premise behind the TV program is to showcase the power of Forward Healing while tackling some very difficult topics that are unfortunately all too common in our culture today. Stay tuned for the exciting announcements as they unfold. The world is apparently ready for it. We are too.