The delivery of "Success Sessions" sequentially is called Successions. One of the newer psycho-technologies by Dr. Dr. Michael Scimeca, Successions offers a hierarchy of priorities known as the Succession Seven. Beginning with "Mindfulness" and ending with "Creativity/Newness," these seven qualities applied Successively bring about a more integrative result, one that occurs more organically and lasts longer.

LeftAlignGoing into the Succession Seven is the zero point, known simply as "Stopping," which prepares you most optimally for the seven. The seven are, in order, Mindfulness, Ease, Sanctification, Gratitude, Happiness, Kindness, and Creativity/Newness.

Of the seven, the one that trips up people the most is Sanctification, therefore it has its own Seven-Step Process.


RightAlignThe term represents the spirit of seeing something in its highest possible light. To exalt something is to raise it to its highest possible position. The process of sanctifying something is as follows:
0) Prepare for Unconditional Welcoming.
1) Welcome.
2) Meet.
3) Greet.
4) Interview.
5) Vow.
6) Assess.
7) Address.

Preparing to Unconditionally Welcome whatever comes can be challenging for some people. For those people, we have the tenets, 10 "its," to help with the process.

The Tenets / Ten Its

It Number 1) All is well, always has been, always will be.
It Number 2) Life is intelligent.
It Number 3) All feedback is perfect given the set of circumstances that preceded it.
It Number 4) The singular, ultimate truth is there are multiple truths.
It Number 5) Something is either good or bad depending on how you choose to see it.
It Number 6) There are no problems, only calls to answer.
It Number 7) Your choices alter what comes into your life and what goes out.
It Number 8) Serving others is one of the highest expressions of choice.
It Number 9) The answers you seek are in the questions you ask.
It Number 10) The wisdom source is always available. "Swirl" will help you access it.