LeftAlign1) Unimpeded energy.

2) An expression of pure freedom.

3) The feel of lightness and spaciousness.

4) An indicator of connectedness to the highest degree.

5) Confirmation.

6) A spiritual (non-linear) form of feedback worth pursuing.

7) A compass of inner direction.

Enhance Your Awareness of Swirl

The child's game of hot and cold reminds us of the type of guidance we get from Swirl. The more Swirlful, the more lighter (less dense) is your experience and expression, otherwise known as the quality of your life and the quality of your contribution (your presence) onto others.

Identifying and recognizing Swirl becomes a most coveted and trusted ally for navigating through the unknown and mysterious aspects of life. What the mind cannot comprehend, the body and energy body can experience. For all of the unknowns in life, Swirl offers comfort and even, at times, confidence, when confidence is otherwise elusive.

Enhance Your Relationship With Swirl

Beyond developing your awareness of Swirl, the greater benefit comes by way of enhancing your relationship to it. What make seem like faith or trust in Swirl becomes something much greater as you relate more Swirlfully with Swirl.

As this sacred relationship continues to grow, you have greater access to the Wisdom Source, that infinite home of all things right. As the 10th it states: "The Wisdom Source is always available. Swirl will help you access it."

A Practice of Being Consciously Connected to the Infinite

RightAlignWhatever is true passes right through. That means whatever is most accurate is most Swirlful and therefore not lodged in the body as an unresolved dense energy waiting for you to see it in its highest light. This highlights why the practice of Sanctification, Telling a Greater Story, and Maturing Something Up are so important for spiritual growth and emergence. As we embody these practices, we become more Swirlful (lighter, higher, etc.) and enjoy all the phenomenal benefits that correlate.

For more information about Swirl and many more infinite practice, start exploring this work with someone who can help you experience it all better.