Greaterness Coaching

Greaterness Coaching is the professional practice of sharing specific, empowering information with a client (a participant). Often confused with life coaching, Greaterness Coaching is entirely LeftAlignand inspiringly different. The goals, objectives, and direction of each session are based on specific dynamics that reveal themselves thoughout the session. This interplay between Greaterness Coach and Participant becomes the breeding ground for enhancing neuroplasticity.

The entire session is educational, and the integration occurs organically. Scientifically known as an entrainment, multiple benefits occur simultaneously from simply spending time together in a space of curiosity and wonder. The deeper dive, the places we go to "learn" most effectively, becomes our most coveted ally. The combination of honest sharing with the integrity of Greaterness Coaching makes each session a fabulous use of time. And over time, it just gets better and better, naturally, easily, and with great awe.

Spotting is a Practice

The training of the Greaterness Coach mimics that of a gymnastics coach, in that the role is mainly to be a "spotter," to listen and offer some new ideas for consideration. The mere act of a participant simply considering something new actually becomes the work that truly does the work. Working one-on-one with a Greaterness Coach is arguably the most effective way to integrate all of the concepts, ideas, and practices into your one home of understanding.

Continuous Improvements

RightAlignGreaterness Coaching, as the name implies, highlights the fabulous opportunity we all have to continuously grow, emerge, and bring forth a greater version of ourselves. This opportunity exists always. Scheduling your Greaterness Coaching session turns that opportunity into positive results. The fact that we can always improve and can do so in any areas of our choosing may very well be our greatest capacity as humans.