The Health Paradigm

LeftAlign1) A model of seeing all manifestations as healthful, whereby being broken is an impossibility.

2) A concept where all feedback is both timely and accurate in its presentation and necessity.

3) A way of viewing symptoms as being perfect in order to ascertain its wisdom and reason for being.

4) A viewpoint of acknowledging that "healthy people die," "dying is natural," and " dying occurs organically at all different ages and stages of maturity.

Diseases of meaning, manifestations of health, and metaphor

With the combination of Multiple Truths, forward-thinking concepts such as The Health Paradigm are NOT threatening. All aspects of holistic health have their place and utility. Equally, so too does the disease care model of healthcare. Therapeutics, bio-medical interventions, etc. all come with a way of viewing things, known as a paradigm.

Years ago I became aware of this paper written by K A Jobst, D Shostak, and P J Whitehouse (a medical doctor). These three people had the foresight to address what Thriveapeutics calls The Health Paradigm, highlighting an important role that disease plays in providing both meaning and metaphor. Game changing indeed. Empowering. Supportive to a very high degree, especially considering the notion of diseases being "manifestations of health." Enjoy.

The Tenets (aka The 10 Its)

The Health Paradigm gave rise to many concepts and ideas, including the tenets which are fundemental for understanding Thriveapeutics as a conceptual model. The tenets (10 its) are as follows:

It #1) All is well, always has been, always will be.
It #2) Life is Intelligent.
It #3) All feedback is perfect given the set of circumstances that preceded it.
It #4) The singular, ultimate truth is there are multiple truths.
It #5) Something is either good or bad depending on how you choose to see it.
It #6) There are no problems, only calls to answer.
It #7) Your choices alter what comes into your life and what goes out.
It #8) Serving others is one of the highest expressions of choice.
It #9) The answers you seek are in the questions you ask.
It #10) The Wisdom Source is always available. Swirl will help you access it.


RightAlignHere's a video supporting the benefits of The Health Paradigm.

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