Space-Based Living

LeftAlign1) A optimizing brain-based strategy that enhances functionality through the process of stopping, allowing the inner noise (freneticism) to cease.

2) A practice of becoming still, commonly associated with being in a more meditative or zen state, to enhance clarity.

3) The conscious act of giving something space so that the metaphorical smoke may clear or the dust can settle.

4) A more level-headedness that organically arises from letting something breathe (from consciously providing breathing room for something to flourish).

To Be Revealed (TBR)

The practice of stepping away to allow whatever happens to happen becomes the ultimate assessment of what is. The mystery or unknown that reveals itself reflects the integrity of the specific situation. The acronym TBR simply denotes that space is being given and directed toward the situation.

Whatever comes is what has been revealed (WBR). Assessing and addressing what has been revealed gives us the best opportunity for optimal functioning. Without Space-Based Living, the energy or resonance we are carrying distorts our perception and we are left assessing the dynamic or interplay between our state and what is.

Active Stopping

RightAlignStopping is an action of inactivity. The term Active Stopping sounds like a paradox since pure stopping is not active. Active Stopping however is the practice of choosing to stop at a specific time. When you actively choose to stop, the practice is Active Stopping.

Active Stopping addresses at least one of the three phenomena: 1) Stopping for the Sake of Stopping. 2) Stopping for the Sake of Enjoying a Greater Awareness. 3) Stopping for Answering the Call. The latter represents the spontaneous actions that occur from stopping. With Active Stopping, you can choose one of the benefits (1, 2, or 3) or you can just see which of the three organically arises (TBR).

Floor Time

The picture above is an Active Stopping practice called Floor Time. Laying on the floor with the legs and hips at 90 degrees (feet on a couch, chair, sofa, etc.) facilitates a more meditative state for the body and mind. One of the more popular practices of Active Stopping, Floor Time becomes a representative of Space-Based Living, whereby the space is directed between a person and his or her more frenetic (busy) life. Do this for about 20 minutes. At least one Floor Time session per day will enhance brain function.

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