Guardianology is the study of the Guardian Archetype within. This inner compass gives us direction as life comes at us. To enhance your relationship with the Guardian Archetype within, you have to study this archetype and understand how it communicates. Guardianology, as a study, was penned by Dr. Michael to encourage people to begin to explore and develop that inner relationship, that inner guidance that demands taking a deeper dive into it.

LeftAlignThe Guardian Within, written by Dr. Michael, goes into great detail about the Guardian Archetype within. Each chapter covers one of the 10 Levels of Guardian Mastery:
1) Honesty
2) Respect
3) Gratitude
4) Humility
5) Language
6) Perspective
7) Interpretation
8) Intention
9) Vision
10) Right Action

Many empowering concepts fill the pages, taking the reader on a journey of possibility. The Accountability Scale, Working Consciously with Intention, and other fascinating concepts will usher you to a fantastic source of wisdom, which lives inside of you and is simply waiting for you to access it.