Guardianology is the study of the Guardian Archetype within. This inner compass offers us direction as life happens. To enhance your relationship with the Guardian Archetype, you can explore the Guardian Within. Guardianology, as a study, was penned by Dr. Michael to encourage people to explore and develop that inner relationship to enjoy the benefits that come with having a working interplay with that inner guidance.

LeftAlignThe Guardian Within is the first published book by Dr. Michael. It goes into great detail about the Guardian Archetype within us. Each chapter covers one of the 10 Levels of Guardian Mastery. They are as follows:
1) Honesty
2) Respect
3) Gratitude
4) Humility
5) Language
6) Perspective
7) Interpretation
8) Intention
9) Vision
10) Right Action

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Many Important Ideas Arise

Guardianology goes into great detail about Relationship Dynamics, Care of the Soul, and Meeting both Expressive and Developmental Needs. The study also covers Vision Pages, how to make them and how to get the most out of them.

The practice of "Telling a Greater Story" came out of the chapter on Interpretation. Known as the "Art of Responsible Interpretation," its role in promoting having a higher connection with the Guardian is quite significant and remains a key component in the Thriveapeutic Approach.

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